Have you served your Country

We at 800Social believe that those who have served their country, deserve to have a chance to be proud of that service and at the same time be recognized for their service. So we have made available to all our veterans, no matter where they have served, to have on their profile their details of service.

Veterans can place their branch of service on their profiles, and they will get the Veteran Designation on their profiles. Only those who have served in their Countries respective military branches are allowed to do this.

Our veterans no matter the Country of service have done something special, that all freedom loving people need to be grateful for. They by serving, ensured that we all can continue to enjoy lifes freedoms, such as being able to be on Social Media. The sacrifices they have made make them deserve special recognition. This is why 800 Social has done this.

No matter the Country you served.

  1. No matter what branch of service you served in.
  2. No matter what you did in your service.
  3. We are proud to help you distinguish yourself for your service.

Have you served your Country

800Social and other social media networks like it deserve a debt of gratitude to all who have served their Country they live in. You self sacrifice no matter the Country, no matter the job you did is something we all should say thank you for.

That is why we made this feature available to everyone who served. You also can add your loved ones service, and proclaim yourself a spouse also of a military service member.

Violations of the Veteran Status

Those who have served their Country are a special breed of hero. Someone who placed themselves on the line for our freedoms. We ask that all members respect that. So please, if you are not a Veteran, do not list yourself as one.