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Common Questions

We have placed here several of the common questions our members have asked us. We hope that this page helps answer some of your questions about 800Social.

Why another social media site?

We created 800Social as frankly we got tired of Social Media and what it has become. We were tired of being literally smacked with advertising, suggested and mandatory content. Pop-ups and of the horrible and sad commercialization of Social Media. We also got tired of the Invasion of our Privacy by these sites. Data mining, installing cookies to track our offsite web browsing. So we decided to do something about it.

Do you sell member content?

No we do not, as we said above, we got tired of our privacy being literally invaded, and our information being packaged up and sold to the highest bidder. Social Media is supposed to be about connecting with others. We decided to bring it back to the way it used to be. Yes we have cookies on our website by they DO NOT track your movements, they are there only to store 800Social pages so they load faster when you are here.

Do members have a say on site features?

Yes YOU do, we created a special page for 800Social that members can like, and there they will see all updates we plan to make and have made, they also are encouraged to suggest ways that we can make the site better. We will only become better by taking our members suggestion to heart. We always before making changes announce the plan and then wait for feedback from you. This is why we say we are Member Driven.

Is my account secure?

We utilize industry standard protections with all of our accounts, we also use a SSL Encrypted connection for all log ins and page interactions. We always suggest to ensure the maximum account protection you never share your password with anyone, and avoid logging in on public computers. Plus, change your passwords every so often is a big suggestion we make.

How much does an account cost?

Not a penny, accounts are free for all members.

Can I report content that is bad?

We have installed a report feature on all posts and imagery, and this will allow you to report something to us that you are concerned about. We do review all reports and take them seriously.

Why do you allow links to other Social Media sites on 800Social?

The purpose of 800Social is to get back to a time in Social Media where the member made the decisions as to what they would see and do. However, we also want the site to be a hub or launching point for all your social media. So YOU have the choice of what you post, see, do and who and what you interact with. We give members a chance to place links that THEY want to, so you can connect in a more broader manner with others. But also while maintaining total control of your Social Media experience.

Who owns 800Social?

800Social is operated by My Friend Spot, llc a small family owned company in Battle Creek, Michigan. It's President and Founder is an Elementary School teacher and baker.

Is the site safe for kids?

We comply with Federal Law when it comes to accounts used by minors. As with all social media, we strongly urge parents to understand where their kids are going online, and who they are interacting with. We work with parents when asked to ensure kids who are online have a fun and proper experience.

Can I block people?

Yes you can, we are aware that sometimes there are those in our life that cause disruption and can harass or stalk us. So we have added tools for members to block accounts when they need to. You also can report harassing behavior to us, and we will look into your report.

How do I handle online bullying?

If you are onsite and experience any bullying or harassment we urge you to report this to us immediately. Screen shotting the event or copying the URL (weblink) and giving us this information will help us handle the situation. We do not condone or put up with online harassment or bullying. You can screen shot it easily on a PC by pressing and holding down the Ctrl key, and then press PRINT SCREEN key. On a mac it is a little different. Press Shift-Command-4. Move the crosshair to where you want to start the screenshot, then drag to select an area. When you've selected the area you want, release your mouse or trackpad button. Find the screenshot as a .png file on your desktop.

Can I sell items on 800Social?

We do offer a online marketplace, think of it as a community garage sale where you can sell items. However some people also do create local buy and sell pages for their specific area. But the 800 Social Market Place is a awesome place to buy, sell, trade and even offer items for free.

Can I get a Verified member checkmark?

The verified checkmark is generally used for public officials, actors, authors, business pages and so on. However members can request the sought after blue checkmark, all you need to do is message us your member name and why you should get this mark. The Verified checkmark is special as it denotes you as the "real" or "Official" person or page or business.

What do you mean by "Member Driven"?

We listen to our members, we know the only way we are going to get better is to listen to the people who use the site. So members help drive the content, improvements and added features. We seriously listen to you.

What is the Veterans Tab?

We created the Veterans tab as we wanted to honor those men and women who have served their country. So we created a place where Veterans can place their service information so they can proudly display it. We are the first and so far only Social Media site that does this.

How do I contact 800Social for some other question or comment?

You can contact us via our contact form located on the footer of our page and also linked on your news feed page.

How do you handle deceased members?

If a family member tragically passes who has an account. The family may request the page either be preserved (locked) where it can only be viewed, or they can request it be taken down. We require the executor or legal representative to contact us, we then will work with them to make sure the deceased or families wishes are respected when it comes to the page.

What if my Trademark or Copyright is breached.

You may file what is called a DMCA violation report with us, to do that please visit our Privacy Policy RIGHT HERE this is where we detail how to file a claim of breach by one of our members.