Market Rules

800 Social provides a free Marketplace for all members to use, post items for sale etc. By placing an item on our free Marketplace you are made aware and certify you are in full agreement to the following. The 800 Social marketplace is a free market place where members can go and sell items, buy items and trade items. 800 Social in no way advocates for, or endorses any marketplace ad, by any member. By placing an ad you agree that all transactions that you have, whether you are the buyer, seller, trader etc are your responsibility.

The world is a big place and there are sadly those persons out there who do bad things. Thus we suggest you follow the following basic safety rules when making a sale, trade or deal on the 800 Social Marketplace.

1. Meet in a public location.
2. NEVER meet alone, always bring someone with you.
3. When transferring large amounts of cash, meet at your bank.
4. Never send money orders or use Western Union.
5. When dealing with a far way person, pay using PayPal. NEVER EVER accept a cashiers check, bank check. These can be faked. USE PAYPAL.
6. Never deal with a known minor. (person under 18) Ask for a parent if you find out the person is a minor.

You acknowledge that 800 Social, its parent company(ies), employees, owners, shareholders, contractors and anyone else who may work for or with us IS NOT IN ANY WAY liable for any loss, damage or incident you may suffer from another person who places an ad you respond to, or who you meet with, deal with or associate with in this Marketplace. You agree that 800 Social provides this Marketplace for your use and you are not obligated to use it.

All transactions are your responsibility and all actions, transactions and meetings are done so at your own risk.

We do not allow the sale, marketing, trading or transfer of certain items in our Marketplace. Any ad that has these in them, will be removed. Continued placement of ads containing these items can result in the blocking and or removal of your account.

1. Firearms, pellet guns, bb guns. (excluding Airsoft items)
2. Ammunition.
3. Firearm related items, such as magazines, bolts etc.
4. Tobacco products of all types.
5. Vaping items.
6. Materials that are pornographic.
7. Food Stamps, WIC coupons.
8. Prescription drugs including medical marijuana.
9. Lottery, sweepstakes, or other similar ads.
10. Stolen property.
11. Any item that has its serial number or ID number removed.
12. Pets and or animals. (Re-homing for small fee allowed)
13. Alcohol sales of any kind.
14. Medical devices.
15. ID cards and license plates.
16. Personal identification papers or documents.
17. Services for citizenship or identification.
18. Adult services, escort services, nudity, pornography.
19. Illegal services, schemes, and or services.
20. Anything providing another person identifying information.
21. Sex based services.
22. Dating Services. Including paid and or free escort services.
21. Anything else we at 800 Social may deem inappropriate.

Use of our Marketplace is free and you use the Marketplace voluntarily. We always suggest that when in doubt about someone DO NOT deal with them.

When placing an ad you agree that 800 Social is the sole and final decider of what is not allowed on our Marketplace. We can without notice or reason remove any item reported to us, or seen by us for any reason. You further agree that if we remove your item, you release 800 Social, its owners, employees, parent company, contractors of any and all liability, including any costs relating to your placement of ads on our site.

Date of last revision July 17, 2018