We here at 800 Social welcome organizations to operate pages and groups on our site. We ask that the following terms be followed when creating a group, page or other business oriented content. This policy includes and covers churches, temples and other faith based organizations.

We ask that churches that create pages on our site ensure that they list all of their contact details. Such as address, name of the pastor, clergyman etc. When posting imagery of your congregation we ask that you ensure you have their permission to post their imagery on your page.

Businesses who create pages on our site must list their legal address and location on their page details. You must also be a legitimate business for the type you are posting. If a license is required in your State, Country and or jurisdiction, then you must have a license, and place that license information on your page, including the license number and holders name.

You are not allowed to create pages for businesses that sell or market any of the banned materials listed in our Marketplace section terms.

Group pages are like little clubs, where people with various hobbies and interests may meet, talk and share like minded content. We do not allow groups to be formed that are as follows.

1. Groups advocating hate speech.
2. Groups advocating terrorism.
3. Groups advocating violence.
3. Groups practicing and or advocating racism of any kind.

We at 800 Social are the sole arbitrators of what we feel violates these rules. Our decisions when deciding whether to delete a page is our and ours only. You agree that by creating a group, page or other content that we may delete that content if we and we alone feel it is in violation of our rules and or policies or goes against why we have created this site.