Advertising Policy:

The goal of any advertising that we allow on 800Social is to have it be interesting and useful, but also appropriate. Thus all advertisers agree to the following when they pay to have their product or service advertised on - This Advertising policy was last updated January 31, 2018 and by signing up for any advertising on our site, you agree that this policy along with all other policies on this site are what governs your use of this site and any advertisements you may place.

General Terms:

1. By placing an advertisement on 800 social you agree UNCONDITIONALLY to the PAYMENTS section of this sites Terms of Service.

2. By placing an advertisement on 800 social you agree that we will review all Ad requests to ensure they follow our Advertising policy and also other terms, including our basic community standards.

3. You agree that all payments are non-refundable.

4. All advertising spelling, grammar, punctuation etc are the sole responsibility of the advertiser, and by placing an advertisement on this site, no matter the type or location you agree that you are solely responsible for the content.

5. You agree that your advertisement may not violate any part of our site Terms of Service.

6. Once you pay for your advertisement, and we approve it. If you decide to change the link location you must do so in writing to us.

7. You agree to also follow all terms in our Advertising Policy.

Ad Review Process:

1. We ensure that your ad does not contain any offensive or other content violations.

2. We ensure that your as does not link to any products, services or locations that are not allowed per our various policies.

Prohibited Content:

The following is a specific list of prohibited content for advertisers. However, by placing an advertisement on this site, you agree to read all policies for any other items that are not specifically listed here.

1. No content may be used or linked to that facilitates, promotes or encourages any illegal products or services.

2. Ads cannot contain any material or content that discriminates against any race, ethnicity, national origin, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, identity, family status, medical or genetic condition.

3. No content may contain any hate speech, or speech inciting violence.

4. No content may encourage the use of illegal drugs, including medical marijuana.

5. No content may advertise tobacco products.

6. No content may contain any adult oriented products or services including pornography. Ads for contraceptive type products may be created as long as the ad emphasizes the contraceptive aspects and features of the product.

7. No content may advertise the sale of firearms or ammunition, or products related such as bumpstocks, magazines and the like.

8. No content may infringe on any Trademarks, Copyrights or intellectual property of others.

9. No content may contain any content that is deceptive, misleading or false in content.

10. No payday or cash advance services may be advertised.

11. No counterfeit or fake documents may be advertised.

12. No content may be advertised or linked to that is designed to humiliate, embarrass, shame or otherwise terrorize any individual.

13. Ads may not contain any spyware, malware or any other software or code that results in an unexpected or deceptive user experience.

14. No ad may contain links to or selling cryptocurrency, binary options, initial coin offerings.

Special Permission:

The following is a specific list of advertising that 800 Social MUST first review and approve. You may submit all requests via our contact form. 800 Social has sole discretion to what content will be approved and denied, and all decisions made are final. Any payments made in advance of this process are not refundable. However, 800 Social will provide the exact reason for the denial of the advertising request, so that the advertiser may attempt to modify their proposed advertisement to meet 800 Socials policies.

1. Online or Brick and mortar Pharmacies.

2. State Lotteries or other Lottery types.

3. Supplements or other medication types, whether FDA regulated or not..

4. Financial Services.